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Instagram upgrading two-factor authentication

In order to protect against SIM hacking, it is understood that the social networking service is working on a new two-factor authentication solution that would not require a user’s phone number.

Instagram confirmed the upgrade only a couple of hours after Motherboard released an investigation on SIM hacking, which detailed how Instagram accounts are especially vulnerable to this kind of hack.

SIM hacking is the method of stealing a phone number and reassigning it to a different SIM card before using it to reset passwords before selling them on for bitcoin.

Instagram is especially vulnerable to this method because the app only offers a two-factor authentication via SMS, which contains the password reset or login code.

Speaking to Tech Crunch, Instagram confirmed that it had been working on a security upgrade for some time.

The new authentication system will generate a special code that a user needs to log in that can’t be generated on a different phone, much like Google Authenticator.