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Information Commissioner warns that cyber threat from bedrooms larger than those from Russia

What happened?

The Information Commissioner warned that Government departments should be more worried about teenage bedroom hackers than state-sponsored cyber terrorists.

Although concerns over the last few months have revolved around Russia-backed hacking, Elizabeth Denham, giving a speech to the heads of the civil service, said that civil servants should protect themselves against hackers looking to prove their abilities.

What did she say?

Ms Denham said that, “you should be worrying about the malicious kid in his bedroom who hacks in to your system because he can. Or the opportunistic thief who understands the value of the data you hold and knows how to get his hands on it. Because you left the door wide open.”

Her comments might be a surprise to some, as there has been a rising concern about the impact of state-sponsored attacks.

Very recently the Foreign Secretary warned the Kremlin that Britain would react to any kind of cyber attack organised by the Russian Government.

What happens next?

Civil servants were asked to consider the risks, as most cyber breaches and attacks are preventable.

Ms Denham used the recent attacks on TalkTalk and Carphone Warehouse as prime examples.

Speaking of GDPR, which will be put into place in May, she said that the new regulations brings legislation “in line with our 21st Century world”, and that “it gives greater control to people about how their data is used and it compels organisations to be transparent and account for their actions.”

Ms Denham encouraged bosses to retain their staff and open up transparency and accountability in regards to personal information.

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