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February: the month that Russia took it all

The second month of 2018 was startlingly busy, surprising even some of the most experienced cyber security experts.

Read about some of the most discussed cyber security stories, taken from our Cyber Snippets series, below:

Tesla's Amazon Cloud account cryptojacked – 23 Feb


After being tipped off from a cyber security company, Tesla discovered that its Amazon Cloud account had been hacked by people mining cryptocurrency.

The company responded to the issue within hours and assured customers that no customer data was compromised.

Find out how much Tesla paid the security company that found the issue.

UK blames Russia for last year’s NotPetya attack – 15 Feb


The UK Government officially put the blame for last year’s NotPetya attack on the doorstep of the Kremlin.

The attack, which happened in June 2017, hit businesses with strong links to Ukraine, and affected monitoring systems at Chernobyl.

Read about how Russian officials responded to the accusations.

Business Wire suffers week-long DDoS attack – 8 Feb


It emerged in early February that one of the largest news release distributors in the world had been suffering from a week-long DDoS attack.

Unable to counter the attack effectively, the company’s services were slowed throughout the seven day period.

Find out why this should never have happened anyway.

Information Commissioner warns of cyber attacks from teens – 6 Feb


Giving a speech to the heads of the civil service, Elizabeth Denham warned that attacks from teenagers in their bedrooms could be more serious than those from Russia.

Civil servants were told to consider the most preventable cyber risks and the oncoming GDPR deadline that would affect businesses throughout the country.

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