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CyberScanner: March Product Updates

March has been a busy month in terms of product development, and we've integrated a number of new features into the live product for both business and enterprise users.

A summary of March's new features, bug fixes, and improvements can be found below.

Activity & Audit Logs

We've made it easier for users to access and view account activity logs through the in-dashboard user menu, as well as on the main dashboard interface.

This means it's even easier to keep on top of who is doing what in the account, and make sure action is being taken by those you have delegated tasks to.

Reporting Exports

After user feedback and testing, we have greatly improved the report export from the user dashboard.

As well as making it clearer and easier to understand the current security status of the website, we've also:

  • Made it easier in the report to identify the different technologies Calipsobot has discovered whilst scanning the site
  • Made the security and vulnerability history graphs a lot clearer and better to understand
  • Made it so you can choose the report length

SSL Related Issues

We've introduced [SSL scanning](https://cyber-scanner.com/solutions/ssl-checker) to the core scanner, this now means that you'll be able to actively monitor and check your SSL certificate for:
  • Invalid configurations within your servers
  • Weak SSL certificates
  • Distrusted SSL certificates
  • SSL expirations (warnings in advance of expiry)
  • SSL related vulnerabilities (including BEAST, BREACH, FREAK, and Heartbleed)

Improved Platform Fingerprinting Algorithm

We've improved how are scanner recognises platforms and the known vulnerabilities that different versions have.

Increased WordPress Vulnerabilities

We have added more than 100 new known WordPress vulnerabilities to the scanner.