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CyberScanner: April Product Updates

April has seen a number of developments both in terms of features, user experience, and scanner features for both business and enterprise users.

In terms of dashboard functionality, we have...

Added Bulk Select

Made it possible for users to bulk select issues raised by the scanner, and mark them en masse as either resolved, unresolved, or as false positives.

Improved Subscription System

We have improved how the subscription system works, so you can now manage the limits on your domain subscription more effectively.

Improved privilege & user notification system

Users will get better email notifications when a new developer/owner is added or removed from the project management system.

We've also improved the email distribution for when project members are assigned tasks.

Scanner Improvements

Over the course of April we have also made a number of improvements to the scanner. These include:

GDPR Compliancy Issues

Your server location matters to your GDPR compliance, and our scanner now checks that it is indeed based in Europe. We will be adding more GDPR specific checks to the scanner over time.

WordPress Vulnerabilities

We have further increased the number of known WordPress vulnerabilities that our scanners look for, with more than 200 new issues added.

Drupal Vulnerabilities

We have improved our Drupal vulnerability scanner, as it now covers more than 1,000 new issues that can affect platforms.

Moodle Scanning

We now also scan [Moodle](https://moodle.org/) websites, covering more than 350 known vulnerabilities.

Moodle is a platform commonly used as an e-learning repository by universities, schools, and workplaces.