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Business Wire suffers week-long DDoS attack

What happened?

Business Wire, one of the largest news release distributors in the world, admitted on February 6 that it had been experiencing a “directed and persistent” denial of service attack (DDoS) that began on January 31.

How did the company respond?

Slow to resolve to the issue, as of February 7 a spokesperson stated that the company was still working on the attack.

It meant that throughout the first week of February, clients would experience significant page loading times on the website.

The company also reassured clients that content had not been impacted by the attack and that internal information had not been compromised.

What next?

Business Wire is now working with newly hired partners to mitigate the issue and “stabilize the environment.”

Considering the length of the attack, and the fact that it is not yet resolved, this indicates that the company was in no way prepared for cyber-attacks of this kind.

This is despite the company bringing criminal charges to 32 hackers in 2015.

The group stole over 150,000 news releases over a five-year period — earning the hackers over $100 million in illegal profit.

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