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Bank of England calls for transparency in cyber security language

Speaking at the NCSC CyberUK Conference this week, Joanna Place, deputy governor and chief operating officer at the Bank of England, warned cyber security experts that they should consider their expertise and context when reporting information to board members.

According to Place, the Bank of England has its own “cyber translators” and states that she has often called on experts to be translators so that “everyone in the business can understand the security risks.”

In her speech, she warned that although people on boards might not be cyber experts, they might still want assurance of what is being done to combat cyber risks.

She said that: “If they cannot understand what you are saying, they may think that you cannot communicate very well, but they may think that you don’t understand your subject and that will give them cause for concern.”

Indeed, Place indicated that the role of the cyber expert must be two-fold, in that they should understand and mitigate threats, as well as communicate them in a language that is understandable.

Concluding her speech, she said that it is the responsibility of cyber experts to “take the board on the cybersecurity journey with you.”

Speaking exclusively to CyberScanner, Place said: “The message I would give to cyber experts is, not only know your patch in terms of cyber expertise but also be able to communicate what the risks are and what people can do about them.”

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